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Compare our Interactive Advertising program and you will find that we offer the Best Advertising and Marketing program in the Area.

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Looking for An Advertising Program that Brings You CUSTOMERS?, is offering our advertisers the most exciting and interactive advertising program available in the Elk Grove area. We offer your business a "Business Showcase AD" listed on our website, where your business is featured with vibrant pictures, a full description, phone number, website link, and an interactive map to your business, video and up to 3 “Local Discount Card” offers. You have the ability to change your 3 messages… any time you wish!

We promote businesses by distributing 1,000’s of Local Discount Cards FREE! throughout the Elk Grove area. Our Local Discount Card takes the place of coupons and directs the consumers to become a member of the Elk Grove Discounts Card program by visiting our website and joining right from their PC or Mobile Device and once becoming a member... to start searching for local discounts from our Advertisers... and that's where they find you!

We also offer a "Newsletter" - email program where we will send out updates on discounted offers to our subscriber base to keep them informed on what discounts are available to them. We have our advertising areas set up as zones to add to a more impactful ad campaign. You also get access to your Customer Subscription E-mail List allowing you to stay in contact with your customers and potential customers by updating them on upcoming sales or promotions, new discounts, or anything you want to keep them informed about. 

Local Discounts are one of the top searches on the internet today. In every city and in every town, thousands of local consumers are looking to find great deals and incredible savings online. Our advertising program makes it a Win-Win for both our Loyal Members and our Advertisers.

We offer our advertisers a local discount card program that will bring loyal repeat customers to your business... and the best part is that our advertiser’s promotions and special discounts… are sent out right in your own local business area, giving your business the best chance at increasing revenue for your business and gaining new customers!

Elk Grove Discounts feels that advertising should not be an expense for a business. You have enough expenses facing you in running your business. Our inter-active advertising program will bring your business a true (ROI) Return on Your Investment and add to your bottom line. Not take away! 

And don't forget you will be supporting our local schools as we donate 5% of all revenue to the Elk Grove Schools.
Here's how our program works!
1,000's of Sacramento Area Discount Card's are handed out to the local community, informing New Members who want to save money on local discounts how to join Elk Grove Discounts... Free-for-Life Membership.

Here's what they read!

Our advertising program offers an excellent return on investment for our advertisers. If you are looking for ways to increase new customers for your business then you won't find a better advertising program in the Elk Grove area than
Contact us today and start increasing your sales tomorrow!
For our members who are on-the-go... download our app to your Smartphone.
Search the businesses for special deals and simply present
your Elk Grove Discounts card or show the cashier our coupon from your
mobile device and get your discount!

It's that simple!
You can download our FREE app by scanning this
QR Code from your iPhone or Android device.
Call for more information on other Interactive Advertising Programs we offer.
Contact: Don Franklin

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9630 Bruceville Rd #106-323B - (916) 382-7229

Compare our Interactive Advertising program and you will find that we offer the Best Advertising and Marketing program in the Area.

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